Ambre Solide 

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Amber & Musk jamid Rupture

Carré de parfum solide 2 en 1 (musc et ambre jamid) qui a été confectionné à partir d'huiles essentielles.

3,50 €

Carré d'Ambre Solide délicieux qui a und odeur suave et sucrée.

12,00 €

Ce carré d'ambre et rose solide diffuse une odeur riche et florale.

12,00 €
Crème d'ambre -25%

Une Crème parfumée à l'ambre pour le corps.

5,18 € 6,90 €
Parfum solide ambre Nouveau

Pour les amateurs d’ambre, nul doute que ce cosmétique vous séduira à coup sûr ! Le parfum solide ambre est, en effet, une nouvelle façon d’aborder cette senteur si emblématique des fragrances orientales.

8,00 €
Parfum Solide Ambre Rose Nouveau

Le parfum solide ambre rose est un petit carré parfumé au sillage plein de charme et detendresse. À la fois sensuel et aguichant, il ne laissera personne indifférent.

8,00 €
Résultats 1 - 6 sur 6.
Ambre Solide

Solid amber

The complex scent of amber is of an aromatic grace, intoxicating the senses with its
generous scent . Therefore, we have selected solid amber, which is available in the form
of powder, stones or cream.
Close-up on this natural material that is truly unlike any other!

Solid amber: the flower spice

Strictly speaking, solid amber is a material that has its roots in the Middle East.
It's a compound fragrance, which means it's a mixture of ingredients. 
Not to be confused, in fact, with amber from fossilized tree resin, or even ambergris
, which comes from the intestines of sperm whales.

Throughout history, fragrant resins were prized as both
religious offerings and luxury perfumes. This is how the ancient Egyptians elevated perfumery
to the rank of art, with incense like the famous Kyphi.

They thus rolled these solid scents into cakes, dried them and burned them on
charcoal. Today, the finest amber resins come from India.
The recipes for solid amber are varied and many are passed down from generation to
generation. Thus, its character is warm, sweet and slightly spicy. Benzoin, vanilla,
honey, myrrh form the basis of most of them. 

In addition, to make this solid, manufacturers grind and mix the
aromatic components into a soft carrier substance. For this purpose, beeswax is one of the
traditional ingredients. 

Perfumers will adjust these elements to produce very different scents.
Egyptian amber , for example, is generally soft and musky. Unlike
Tunisian amber , which is spicy, oriental in style. 

Additionally, additional notes like sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver,
lemongrass, musk, can be added. There is really no limit to the

How to use solid amber? 

You can use the amber powder as a potpourri, or as an incense on charcoal

Jamid amber will perfume you wonderfully, by rubbing it on your skin, your clothes, or
even by leaving it in your wardrobe. 
As well as the square of amber, which you can apply in small quantities on your
wrists or your favorite clothes.
Finally, the amber cream will bring you freshness throughout the day.


Avoid contact with the eyes. If irritation occurs, consult your doctor immediately.
Keep away from children and do not ingest by mouth.