Encens de Santal 

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Bakhoor Santal Rupture

Ce bakhoor est utilisé pour parfumer la maison et à des occasions spéciales ou pour honorer les invités.

17,50 €

Bois de Santal à brûler comme de l'encens, pour purifier vos pièces...

25,50 €

Bois de Santal en poudre pour purifier vos intérieurs avec une douce et agréable odeur.

10,00 €
Résultats 1 - 3 sur 3.
Encens de Santal

Sandalwood incense

Oud and Musk sandalwood incense sticks have the art of immersing you in
silky smooth comfort
In fact, there are many scents that you can choose from depending on your
preferences. This culminates at the height of pleasure and well-being. 

Sandalwood incense: a fragment of the vestiges of the past

In some cultures, incense is considered sacred and is used as an
offering. Whether in powder or bakhour form, sandalwood is used to soothe,
or cleanse the air. 

In the land of the rising sun, artisans specialize in the manufacture of sandalwood incense and
mass produce it. To tell the truth, in Japan, at the time Sengoku (states at war) the
embalmed staff already had its place. 

No ceremony could take place without him. Indeed,
upper class aristocrats and samurai could not imagine their festivities without incense and tea. 
These ceremonies had two objectives: 
To improve mental well-being. So, people used to isolate themselves in a
quiet room with sandalwood incense. It was the moment of relaxation of the day in order to rest the

Prepare and purify the soul. In fact, the samurai praised their weapons in order to protect
their aura in battle.

Sandalwood incense transmits heat and positive waves to the environment in
which it is placed. Therefore, it induces a state of serenity thanks to its relaxing aroma,
which conveys great inner peace. 

It helps to improve the ability to concentrate, for example, when studying and

Finally, it is ideal for spirituality, meditation and it helps relieve
moments of nervousness or anxiety. This incense stick will give your home a scent of

How to use sandalwood incense?

First, light the end of the rod, then blow lightly on the flame. This
will help the scent to spread. 
We recommend that you place the incense holder high so that it spreads its aroma
throughout the room. 


When lighting, remove any flammable material. Keep away from children.